nyc restaurant week 2017: butter

January 24, 2017

Restaurant Week is one of my favorite NYC events. It is usually hosted once in the winter (2-3 weeks) and again in the summer (another 2-3 weeks). It gives New Yorkers like me the opportunity to try out all the various $$$-$$$$ restaurants in the city without being too intimidated by the price and menu. Essentially, it helps you try out nicer restaurants by offering prix fixe menus for $29 for lunch and $42 for dinner.

This time around, I’m going to four restaurants – Butter, Riverpark, Casa Lever, and Hearth.

Yesterday was the first day of Restaurant Week. It lasts until February 10th here in NYC. I thought it would be helpful to go through each place I’ve been to during the RW events so I can keep track and also recommend to others where to go.

Now, onto my review for Butter. Just a hint, I’m giving it ★★☆☆☆.

The Backstory.
It was pouring out yesterday. To venture out anywhere last night meant you really really wanted to be somewhere. Unluckily for us, Justin and I had a reservation for dinner. We’ve been watching Chopped for a while and are huge fans of Alex Guarnaschelli. For some reason, I never really wanted to go to Butter. It was never on my list of places “to-go,” despite being a big fan of Alex. Justin and I were going to go for my birthday dinner, but we ended up going to Marea. Another post on that later.

The Dinner.
When we arrived, we were seated promptly. So far, so good. After ordering, we received two pieces of bread with two types of butter. The bread was really good. Actually, it was probably one of the highlights.

After finishing the bread, we waited about 50 minutes with no activity to our table. Our water was filled twice. We requested more bread, but didn’t get any until after our appetizers arrived.

Frisee and fingerling potato salad.

Tuna Carpaccio.

At this point, an hour has passed since we arrived. We ordered the gnocchi mac & cheese (an appetizer) and requested it to be served with our regular appetizers, but it never came. We asked when we got our entrees and the waiter said it wasn’t put into the system. (???)

For our entree, we had the porgy catch of the day, which was nicely seared but had an extremely overpowering ginger taste. The ginger cubes were way too abundant. I’m okay with ginger and I thought this was too much. At this point, I am not a happy camper.

Pana Cotta.
Chocolate banana sundae.

Dessert was also very underwhelming. The pana cotta was just meh and the sundae was overly sweet.


The worst part of this all was that the restaurant was barely half full. We were asked if we were doing okay twice. How is it that this $$$$ restaurant has this level of service? I will not be coming back, Alex. I’m sorry. I’m a big believer in giving second chances, but I will not be giving one to Butter.


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