noms: getting baked at mr. holmes bakehouse

March 19, 2017

When I think of a painted white brick wall with neon lights, I think of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. I’ve seen pictures of this place all over my Instagram feed so I’ve been wanting to come for a while. Stuffed croffins, cream filled donuts and dipped croissants–what’s not to like?

Interior design: 5/5

I love their aesthetic. Clean and minimalist, it is what you would call #interiorgoals. It’s also really spacious on the side and has plenty of seating. I went to the LA location at 2:30pm not knowing they closed at 3pm. Oops. Go early for all the best treats.

Packaging: 5/5

Mr. Holmes offer their baked goods in a surprisingly sturdy box. A box can fit between six to eight pastries depending on what you get. I believe the box costs extra if you don’t get as many pastries. I’m really happy it is made with a sturdy cardboard instead of paper.

The goodies: See below for individual reviews

What’s in this box:
Cornflake cookies – 4.5/5
Ferrero Rocher croissant – 3.5/5
Cookie dough bear claw – 4.5/5

What’s in this box:
Matcha croissant – 3.5/5

Unfortunately I didn’t get to try their cruffins or donuts so I definitely need to make another trip! My favorites of what I got were hands down the cornflake cookie and cookie dough bear claw. I wasn’t going to get the bare claw at first because it didn’t look anything special but the girl behind the counter said it was her fav. Good choice gurl!

Overall, I’m giving Mr. Holmes Bakehouse a 4/5. Just make sure to eat the pastries the same day you get them so it doesn’t go bad.


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