noms: green tea falling snow + injeolmi toast at hooshik

March 26, 2017

As you know if you been following my Instagram posts, I went on a bit of a food venture when I went home to LA. Sometimes I find it hard to tell people I’m from there and give them recommendations on what to eat and do because I personally haven’t done much myself. Most of the time, I only go home for two days or so, so it’s really hard to get anything done. I was back for six days the last time so I was super pumped to finally get to try things out!

Most places I see on Insta (which is where I find places to go) are pretty far out in downtown LA or on the west side. Since my parents work in the SGV, I had to search long and far for a place I could go to that was fairly close. Hence, I stumbled upon Hooshik.

I went to Hooshik around 5pm on a weekday. There were maybe only two or three other parties there besides us. First impressions were not so great since there weren’t that many people. And for that reason…

Interior design: 3/5

The interiors aren’t bad but aren’t great either. It’s nice for college-ish kids to sit around and chat but it is nothing special.

In terms of their design, it looks like they tried.

What’s weird about this place is that it has really good reviews. I wasn’t sure why there were so few people there when so many people spoke so fondly about it.

The goods: 4/5 (See below for individual reviews)

The first thing we ordered was their Injeolmi Toast, which is toast with injeolmi mochi, powder, sliced almonds drizzled with honey. Overall, I’d give this toast a 3/5. It was fairly small so I didn’t think it was worth it to pay $4-$5. The toast was good, but be careful not to inhale the powder when you bite it (which is actually pretty easy to do). They have about five different types of toast but this one was recommended on Foursquare. It is definitely a different taste compared to other types of toast, so I’d recommend giving it a try if you’ve never had injeolmi.

See the mochi inside?

Next, we got their Green Tea Falling Snow, aka matcha bingsoo. It is snow ice layered with green tea and plain snow puff, dusted with matcha powder and topped with green tea ice cream, red bean, sliced almonds and a few cashews. For this, I give them a 5/5. The portion is perfect for two people. It is also not overly sweet. I would definitely come back for this again. Heck, I’d get my own. The problem with bingsoo sometimes is that it is hard to get the perfect balance between the amount of ice and toppings/sweetener that is used. It also comes with a small container of condensed milk on the side. Also the perfect amount! This one is on point. This “falling snow” is probably why the reviews are so high here. Next time I go back to LA, I want to come back and try their other flavors.

Overall, I’d say this place is a hidden gem. It is a nice place to catch up with friends since it is fairly quiet. I’ll be back!



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