christmas in vegas

January 13, 2017

This year I spent Christmas in … you guessed it.. VEGAS! Vegas is one of those cities Southern Californians go to for every single holiday. I mean every single one. I’m not sure why or how it became that way, but somehow it’s a tradition for not only my family, but everyone I know.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Vegas. My parents went over Christmas in 2014, but I was snowed up in NYC. It’s honestly an amazing place that doesn’t ever seem to age.

As always, I’ll be captioning each picture!

This time, we stayed at the Venetian. THAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL.

Xan and I talked about this — isn’t it sad how much credit the interior designers get here? Who are they?

The Grand Canal Shoppes!

Hello, xan.

Such a beautiful place but filled with tourists. You can’t get anywhere without a push.

Did you know that waffles make a great bread for sandwiches?

My life was changed after this. UHMAHGUD. Bruxie, you slay me.

Xan made a new friend.


Of course, couldn’t waste any opportunities to take pics with my new FULL FRAME DSLR. IKNOWRIGHT.

My mom always complains that she doesn’t have any good pictures. I did you well, mum.

And of course, they needed a picture together <3

Are my bags huge or what.

Xan and mumsies.

Okay straight to the real stuff. I took my parents out to Craftsteak by Tom Colicchio for Christmas dinner. :’) T’was amazing.

We ordered the Wagyu tasting menu. It was my parents’ first time having Wagyu and they were so happy. :”)

Even though it was a steakhouse, they even accommodated to Xan’s dietary restrictions.

And of course, dessert.

Chocolate tart.


This monkey bread though.

And of course, the eating continued the next morning with brunch at the Wicked Spoon.

It’s known as the best buffet in Vegas. I agree.


This gelato selection.

I just can’t.


The Cosmopolitan also has the #1 rated bar/lounge on the Strip. *____*

We made a stop in Bellagio’s gardens because WHY NOT.

Poor life decisions in the making. This place is like Times Square during New Years. FML.

But that’s okay. At least we got to go to Jean-Philippe Patisserie.

The wait was only 40 minutes. HAH.

We continued eating at night at Joe’s Seafood in the Forum Shops in Caesars.

Here are some king crab legz.

Some fish & chipz.

Some stone crabz.

And some cheese stuffed mushrooms for the vegan, aka xan.

Vegas was a good trip. Yes, I gained weight. :”)


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    that awkward moment when cheese stuffed mushrooms aren’t vegan LOL but it’s good

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