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the b e s t skincare routine

February 26, 2015

as you know, i love buying things. i have a pretty short attention span in general, so i get bored of products easily. this is good and bad – good because i get to try a little bit of everything, but that also means my wallet gets thinner and thinner each day. now onto today’s topic: the b e s t skincare routine. now, i was never really someone who was into skincare. my face was my face and i figured, my skin would get better eventually. when my face would breakout, i would slather on the benzoyl peroxide and wait for it to disappear. as you know, this severely dries out your face. like ridiculously. i turned my own face into a nightmare. my forehead would be super oily, while my cheeks would so parched, they would start flaking. and i thought, HM if i put more, it’ll get better! now i don’t really understand my logic either but let’s just say it went on for a good eight years. until recently, i was noticing something. why is it that all my korean friends have such good skin?

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