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elite ballet theatre’s swan lake performance

December 9, 2016

I’m back again with pictures from Elite Ballet Theatre’s Swan Lake!

Since I got my micro four thirds camera and my iPhone, getting wide angle shots had been a big thing. Unfortunately, my 35mm lens on a cropped sensor DSLR just isn’t cutting it. Because of that, I’ve been using my DSLR less and less. 🙁 I decided to try out Nikon’s D750 for the show to see if I would like it.

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swan lake dress rehearsal

November 29, 2016

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I went hone to shoot Elite Ballet Theatre’s Swan Lake performance. Hope you enjoy these dress rehearsal pictures! Performance pictures to come soon. 🙂

Corsaire + Chopped

June 6, 2016

First things first – let’s talk about this #pinkdrink everyone has been crazy about. Personally, I still have not tried it but I plan to later today. Basically, it is a Starbuck’s Strawberry Acai refresher with coconut milk instead of water. It has been everywhere. I tried to get it on Friday but for some reason they didn’t give me the coconut milk? 🙁 I snapped a picture of it anyway and somehow over the course of 2 days, garnered over 2000+ Instagram likes. Thanks guys??

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audition pictures 2 0 1 6.

February 13, 2016

Taking audition pictures have become a tradition. I still remember my/our very first audition for summer programs. It was absolutely terrifying not only because 1) it’s an audition but also because it was 2) the very first audition that EBT would go to. We were all in Irvine taking Milwaukee Ballet’s class. We didn’t know what a tour jeté was, had only done fouetté’s maybe twice in class, but we all survived. I made into Level 2 and was the happiest in my life. Oh, the good ol’ innocent days. Continue Reading…

off to the museum of modern art {moma}

February 21, 2015

so, i actually haven’t been to the museum of modern art in a while. they have had so many exhibitions that i’ve wanted to see. unfortunately at the time, i was still studying in boston still, so no moma for me. i have recently discovered their instagram and saw that they were doing an exhibit on sturtevant and it was ending this weekend, so i made the trek out today to go see it. there were small flurries as i was heading it out, but the snow slowly began piling on. i used to love going to museums. looking at paintings from afar and seeing artifacts in glass cubes seemed so mysterious. but after the many many visits i made to museums over the past couple of years, i’ve grown picky. historical artifacts? not my cup of tea. historical in the sense of sarcophaguses, vintage coins, and sculptures of greek gods/goddesses (yup, i’m sorry) seem to look the same everywhere i go. i’m not sure if it’s just a traveling exhibit, but i’m just really ignorant on these things and don’t understand it. artistic pieces, however, is a different story. photographs, paintings, mix media pieces and everything in between–that is fascinating. the weird thing is, i would keep going back and back to see it again. it’s almost like a book; you see something different each time. i’m no expert in art, so i go to these exhibits purely for aesthetic purposes. if it looks nice, i’ll go.

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