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April 2015

williamsburg + dumbo day trip

April 7, 2015

woohoo–my first dual post. i live in new york city, so “traveling” to brooklyn doesn’t really count as actual traveling. overall, i think brooklyn is a really misunderstood borough to outsiders. every time you say, “oh i’m going to brooklyn” to an outsider (aka my parents + all the californians i know), they shiver. they think the streets are covered in graffiti, dirt and gangsters. yes, there is a lot of street art all around, but that doesn’t make it “scary” per say. i think it gives it personality; it makes brooklyn, brooklyn.

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matcha lattes in west village

April 1, 2015

there’s this place i’m obsessed about. but actually, everyone is obsessed. a cute little coffee shop opened off of christopher street a few months ago serving delicious matcha lattes. it’s name? chalait. on instagram, it’s nothing but beauty. almost everyone who stops by MUST instagram their lattes. a cup of latte art, especially green, will garner you a decent amount of likes. shallow, but important.

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