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February 2015

the b e s t skincare routine

February 26, 2015

as you know, i love buying things. i have a pretty short attention span in general, so i get bored of products easily. this is good and bad – good because i get to try a little bit of everything, but that also means my wallet gets thinner and thinner each day. now onto today’s topic: the b e s t skincare routine. now, i was never really someone who was into skincare. my face was my face and i figured, my skin would get better eventually. when my face would breakout, i would slather on the benzoyl peroxide and wait for it to disappear. as you know, this severely dries out your face. like ridiculously. i turned my own face into a nightmare. my forehead would be super oily, while my cheeks would so parched, they would start flaking. and i thought, HM if i put more, it’ll get better! now i don’t really understand my logic either but let’s just say it went on for a good eight years. until recently, i was noticing something. why is it that all my korean friends have such good skin?

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frozen in quebec city, canada

February 24, 2015

i must say, quebec city is an absolutely gorgeous city. i felt so warm and fuzzy on the inside walking around admiring the architecture. it almost looks fake, with it’s cute signs, cobbled streets and winding roads. i only had the opportunity to visit for a day, so i tried to squeeze in as much as i could. beautiful though it was, it was also bitterly cold. i was not prepared for the windchill. i expected cold temperatures, but i still wasn’t ready for this.

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shooting nutcracker for elite ballet theatre

February 22, 2015

one project that i do year after year is shoot elite ballet theatre’s annual performance. it’s a great opportunity because i love shooting live shows. i also shoot people in the studio every so often, but it’s different. with live shows, you only get one shot to get it right. once it’s gone, it’s gone. i guess it forces you to pick and choose which seconds you want to capture. with a studio, you’ll eventually get the perfect shot, but it’s almost never ending. what marks the point of perfection?

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off to the museum of modern art {moma}

February 21, 2015

so, i actually haven’t been to the museum of modern art in a while. they have had so many exhibitions that i’ve wanted to see. unfortunately at the time, i was still studying in boston still, so no moma for me. i have recently discovered their instagram and saw that they were doing an exhibit on sturtevant and it was ending this weekend, so i made the trek out today to go see it. there were small flurries as i was heading it out, but the snow slowly began piling on. i used to love going to museums. looking at paintings from afar and seeing artifacts in glass cubes seemed so mysterious. but after the many many visits i made to museums over the past couple of years, i’ve grown picky. historical artifacts? not my cup of tea. historical in the sense of sarcophaguses, vintage coins, and sculptures of greek gods/goddesses (yup, i’m sorry) seem to look the same everywhere i go. i’m not sure if it’s just a traveling exhibit, but i’m just really ignorant on these things and don’t understand it. artistic pieces, however, is a different story. photographs, paintings, mix media pieces and everything in between–that is fascinating. the weird thing is, i would keep going back and back to see it again. it’s almost like a book; you see something different each time. i’m no expert in art, so i go to these exhibits purely for aesthetic purposes. if it looks nice, i’ll go.

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travels: snow covered boston, massachussetts

February 20, 2015

i went to school in boston, so snow isn’t something that is new to me. despite living there for four years, snow still has a magical quality to it. when the sky is covered with flurries, it almost feels surreal. what can i say, i’m still a californian at heart. what are these mystical white crystals floating down from the air?

this past weekend, i went back to boston to visit a few friends of mine. one of my dearest friends is (or rather, already has) returned to the philippines to study law. in the city where we said our first hellos, we also said our goodbyes. i’ve graduated for a little over half a year now and it’s amazing how much working changes you. you become much more careful – with your words, friendships and yourself. going back to boston changed that. we frolicked in the snow covered paths, climbed over mounds of fluff, dropped on the ground to make snow angels, and laughed to heart’s content. that you learn, is true happiness: pure, innocent joy bubbling out of our hearts.

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